We started out with four people, and today we're a company of about more than 100 employees. Our headquarters is in Kurla, but everyone at Horizon is free to live and work whatever they want. We're designers, thinker, writers, artist, programmers, leaders, volunteers and hard workers. With such a diverse group of people, from so many different places, we bring a unique perspective to everything we do.

Common questions

How can horizon Property be accessed?

Search On home page about property you need ... read more

How can horizon property relationship manager help me?
Horizon Property provides you a personalized property management service called "Owner Assist", where an experienced relationship manager helps you to find a potential Property. This service appoints a dedicated relationship manager to manage your property advertisement, contact leads on your behalf, filter potential buyers, and connect you with the best prospects. read more
How to search for properties on horizon if I am a buyer?
  1. Go to Home Page
  2. Type region where you are looking for property
  3. Type name of property you are looking for
  4. Select the property type (residential, commercial or villas)
  5. Select your budget
  6. Select constrution status you want
  7. Click On Search
  8. read more
How do I search for builders on horizon?
  1. Go to Home Page
  2. Select Top Builders in India
  3. Type name of Builder you are looking for
  4. read more